Level III: Advanced Sommelier Course and Examination  


The Advanced Course and Advanced Exam have been divided into separate programs to allow for:
  • Focus on learning without the pressure of an examination
  • A period for candidates to assimilate the information and better prepare for the exam
 2014 Advanced Course 
  • A three day program which will explore the CMS standards in beverage sales and service in greater depth
  • CMS will offer ONE Advanced Course each year
  • More information and the application can be found on the Advanced application page 
2014 Advanced Examinations 
  • CMS will offer THREE Advanced Examinations in 2014
  • More informatoin and the application can be found on the Advanced application page 
The Advanced Sommelier Course and Examination is geared to individuals with extensive wine service experience.   The examination is given in three parts:
  • Practical restaurant wine service and salesmanship.
  • A written theory examination based on advanced Sommelier knowledge.
  • A blind tasting of six wines using the Deductive Tasting format.
Students must achieve a minimum score of 60% in all three sections to pass the examination. Candidates must also pass this examination before they can sit the Master Sommelier Diploma examination.

The Advanced Examination is exponentially more challenging than the Certified Sommelier Examination, and a required step in the progression toward the Master Sommelier Diploma.  Students are expected to have a high level of preparation in terms of theory knowledge, blind tasting skills, and practical restaurant service before sitting the class and examination.
PLEASE NOTE: The Court of Master Sommeliers Europe will not implement the changes to these qualifications and will continue to offer a five day Advanced Course and Examination. Please see the Examination Site Policy (link) for further details on where Candidates may sit depending on their geographic location and exam history.  The respective Boards of the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas and the Court of Master Sommeliers Europe work together to ensure that the level of the qualifications remains the same no matter where candidates sit for them. Candidates should note that the only differences to the qualifications are the format in which they are offered.

Who can take the Advanced Sommelier Course and Examination?

Entrance into the Advanced Course is via a selection process conducted by the Court of Master Sommeliers Examination Committee and the Director of Education. Students must have passed the Introductory Sommelier Exam and the Certified Sommelier Exam and have a mandatory five years minimum experience in the wine/service industry before applying to the Advanced Course.

Starting in 2014 any candidate who does not pass any part of the Advanced Exam on three successive attempts will be required to wait one year, and re-sit the Advanced Course, before applying again.