Level II: Certified Sommelier Examination    $325
The Certified Sommelier Examination, or exam level two, is one-day exam given in three segments: a blind tasting of two wines, a written theory examination, and a practical service examination. No lectures or tastings are provided.


The Certified Exam was created for servers who seek service excellence but may not desire to be a dedicated sommelier or beverage director.  This exam will recognize an individual who has shown proficiency in essential service skills; has a general understanding of wine, beer, spirits and cocktails; and has the ability to articulate that information on demand. The Court of Master Sommeliers considers it to be the minimum service standard for all wine and beverage professionals who work the floor of a restaurant.




ü  Provides a professional credential to show current or potential employers their skills have been evaluated at a high level of proficiency by the world’s leading authority on service – The Court of Master Sommeliers


ü  Sets a high minimum standard of the knowledge and service of wine for professionals in the Hospitality Industry.


ü  Provides the Director of Education and the Examination Committee of the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas with information on the skill level and degree of preparation of candidates wishing to attempt the Advanced Sommelier Examination.



The Certified Sommelier Examination is open to all students who have successfully passed the Introductory Sommelier Examination in the past three (3) years or five (5) years with a Master Sommelier recommendation.


Those who passed the Introductory Exam more than three (3) years or five (5) with a MS recommendation will be required to re-take the Introductory Course & Exam at the reduced rate of $325. Please contact Kady at kdomingos@mastersommeliers.org to enroll.



This is a one-day exam given in three segments. No lectures or tastings are provided. Candidates should come prepared and be appropriately dressed and equipped for professional wine service.

The following are the three areas candidates will be tested Those who have successfully passed all three segments with a minimum 60% score will receive a certificate and a pin confirming they have been certified by the American Chapter of the Court of Master Sommeliers.  

1.     Blind Tasting: The blind tasting examination utilizes the Master Sommelier Deductive Tasting Method using a written tasting grid. Candidates are given 15 minutes to evaluate two wines and fill out the grid. Examples of the grid and instructions can be downloaded, studied and practiced prior to taking the exam.

CMS Certified Tasting Grid Candidate-2015

CMS Deductive Tasting Format


2.     Written Theory Examination:  Covers fundamental questions about the world of wine, spirits, beer and service with emphasis on the world’s wine appellations and corresponding grape varieties.

Candidates are given 30 minutes to complete a 40 question written exam presented in multiple-choice, matching and short answer formats. Certified Exam Recommended Study Resources



3.     Service Practical:

*Candidates will be asked to demonstrate one of the following skills -  CMS Service Standards

a.        Standard Wine Service

b.       Champagne Service

c.        Decanting Service


*In addition to the practical demonstration, candidate’s knowledge of the following will be tested:

a.        Food and Wine pairing

b.       Cocktails and spirits of the world

c.        Aperitifs, digestives

d.       Fortified and Dessert Wines of the World

e.       Proper service temperature of wine and other beverages

f.         Ability to communicate and sell

Additional Information and Application

·         Candidates have three years after passing the Introductory Sommelier Examination to sit the Certified Exam or the candidate must re-take the level one at the reduced rate of $325

·         Candidates who are not successful in passing the Certified Exam must wait 90 days before re-applying

·         All students must successfully complete the Certification Sommelier Exam before applying for the Advanced Course and the Advanced Exam   

Candidates who are not successful in passing Certified Exam must wait a minimum of 90 days before retaking examination; there is no reduced rate.

Study materials are available for download on hte "Resources" section of the website.