Complete Series (10 sessions)

Tasting with Master Sommeliers

Complete Series (10 sessions)

Utilize On-Demand recorded sessions at your convenience until June 30, 2021

Each session will be hosted by Education Director Melissa Monosoff MS and Examination Director Shayn Bjornholm MS, along with two guest Master Sommeliers.

  • Session 1: Tasting with Tim Gaiser MS and Mia Van de Water MS
  • Session 2: Tasting with June Rodil MS and Brahm Callahan MS
  • Session 3: Tasting with Christopher Bates MS and Max Kast MS
  • Session 4: Tasting with Madeline Triffon MS and Thomas Price MS
  • Session 5: Tasting with Evan Goldstein MS and Rebecca Fineman MS
  • Session 6: Tasting with Virginia Philip MS and Mariya Kovacheva MS
  • Session 7: Tasting with Matt Citriglia MS and Jennifer Huether MS
  • Session 8: Tasting with Laura Williamson MS and Wayne Belding MS
  • Session 9: Tasting with Keith Goldston MS and Patrick Okubo MS
  • Session 10: Tasting with Andy McNamara MS and Jay Fletcher MS

For more information on the Tasting with Master Sommeliers series, click HERE


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