Sommelier Fundamentals Complete Series

Sommelier Fundamentals

Complete Series (10 classes)

Utilize On-Demand recorded sessions at your convenience until June 30, 2021

Each session will be hosted by Education Director Melissa Monosoff MS, along with two guest Master Sommeliers.

  • Class 1: Fundamentals of Grape Growing with David Keck MS and Chris Miller MS
  • Class 2: Fundamentals of Winemaking with Greg Harrington MS and Dave Yoshida MS
  • Class 3: Fundamentals of Food and Wine Pairing with Emily Wines MS and Kathy Morgan MS
  • Class 4: Fundamentals of Wine Law and How to Read Wine Labels with Gillian Balance MS and Michael Meagher MS
  • Class 5: Fundamentals of Sparkling Wine with Jack Mason MS and Jill Zimorski MS
  • Class 6: Fundamentals of Fortified Wines and Sweet Wines with Élyse Lambert MS and John Szabo MS
  • Class 7: Fundamentals of Beer for Sommeliers with Melissa Monosoff MS and Christopher Bates MS
  • Class 8: Fundamentals of Sake for Sommeliers with Brian Cronin MS
  • Class 9: Fundamentals of Spirits and Cocktails for Sommeliers with Doug Frost MS
  • Class 10: Service and Hospitality for Sommeliers with Jim Rollston MS and Sabato Sagaria MS

For more information on the Sommelier Fundamentals series, click HERE

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