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The Court of Master Sommeliers sets the global standard of excellence for beverage service within the hospitality industry with integrity, exemplary knowledge, and humility.

The Court of Master Sommeliers elevates the quality of beverage service throughout the hospitality industry with our peerless credentials. We expand the rich heritage of our organization through mentorship, rigorous preparation and examination. We chart the course for current and future Master Sommeliers worldwide.

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Latest Happenings

  • CMS-A Announces New Board of Directors

    Napa, CA – December 2, 2020 - The Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas announces eleven elected Member Directors for its Board of Directors. All humbly accept the task ahead of them to shoulder the responsibilities of the organization’s past while looking forward to what CMS-A can become through hard work, accountability, and active listening. These members were chosen by their fellow Master Sommeliers and took office as of 6 pm Pacific time today:

    • Christopher Bates, MS
    • Robert Bigelow, MS
    • Brahm Callahan, MS
    • Keith Goldston, MS
    • Michael Meagher, MS
    • Kathryn Morgan, MS
    • Joshua Nadel, MS
    • Sabato Sagaria, MS
    • Mia Van de Water, MS
    • Emily Wines, MS
    • David Yoshida, MS

    This new Board of Directors understands that this is a pivotal point in the organization’s history. The beverage and hospitality community’s passionate engagement over the past few weeks has been necessary for confronting the truth of the CMS-A’s identity, and it also brings forth great optimism for what the organization can now become.

    The CMS-A Board welcomes its membership’s and larger community’s ideas, tough conversations, and willingness to hold the organization accountable as it fundamentally transforms for the better.

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