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Whether you are a restaurant owner, operations director, or general manager, a skilled sommelier is essential for enhancing your beverage program and elevating the guest experience in your establishment.


Employing sommeliers on the floor does more than boost wine sales and service; they play an important role in driving profitability, improving customer satisfaction, and setting your establishment apart in the competitive hospitality industry. Through their deep understanding of wines, spirits, and food pairings, sommeliers elevate the customer experience and contribute to the overall success of your business by managing wine selections, food pairings, education, service, events, cellar management, and more.


Hiring a sommelier brings unique benefits and insights that extend beyond the realm of traditional restaurants to any wine-related business. Sommeliers provide valuable contributions to a variety of establishments, including importers/distributors, culinary schools, retail shops, wineries, and more.

Why hire a Sommelier for Your Business?

Guest Experience

A sommelier’s expertise ensures a curated and delightful experience for your patrons, enhancing their overall satisfaction and loyalty.


With a sommelier guiding wine selections and managing the cellar, businesses can optimize inventory, reduce waste, and make strategic purchasing decisions, ultimately contributing to increased profitability.


In a competitive market, having a sommelier sets your establishment apart, signaling a commitment to excellence and a refined dining experience.

Expertise Across Various Industries

Sommeliers bring value not only to restaurants but also to importers/distributors, culinary schools, retail shops, wineries, and other wine-related businesses.

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Adding Sommeliers to Your Team 

Let us help simplify the process of finding sommeliers who brings expertise, passion, and a refined palate to your team. The Court of Master Sommeliers offers four levels of certification to assess various aspects of the job skillset. If you’re considering adding a sommelier to your team, explore our Job Skillsets by Level to help define your job description. Post a position on our Job Board to find the right match for your establishment.

Staff Training

For training opportunities for your staff, including private courses and group discounts, please contact klewis@mastersommeliers.org.

Verifying a Credential

To confirm the validity of a sommelier certification, refer to our Sommelier Credential Verification.

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For inquiries or further assistance, please contact us at info@mastersommeliers.org. We look forward to supporting you in enhancing your beverage program and taking your establishment to new heights with the expertise of a sommelier.

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