Membership in the Court of Master Sommeliers is reserved for individuals who have successfully completed all four levels of certification, ultimately passing the rigorous Master Sommelier Diploma Examination.


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About Master Sommeliers

Achieving the title of Master Sommelier™ is regarded as one of the most challenging and esteemed accomplishments of the wine industry. After years of immense dedication, Master Sommeliers are considered experts of wine theory, blind tasting, and wine service. The title of Master Sommelier is one of the most highly coveted and sought-after titles that exist in the food and beverage industry. Holding the Master Sommelier title means that you have a tremendous amount of wine knowledge and an unparalleled sense of discipline and dedication. Many people refer to the Master Sommelier Exam as the hardest exam in the world, which is why passing is often regarded as an achievement of a lifetime.

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Discover our Master Sommelier Directory, displaying individuals who have passed the rigorous Master Sommelier Diploma Examination.  

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