Brahm has spent over half his life in restaurants with twenty years in the wine industry. He’s worked on both the retail and restaurant side of the wine business and is familiar with both at the most granular level. As Beverage Director for the Himmel Hospitality Group, Brahm has curated a Wine Spectator Grand Award-winning wine program while overseeing diverse offerings in both spirits and beer. He is responsible for managing over $8 million dollars in annual beverage sales at HHG. He has consulted for numerous restaurants and is an active member of the Court of Master Sommeliers.


In 2013, Brahm also founded his own consulting business that builds and authenticates wines for serious collectors. Through his accomplishments and years in the trade Brahm has formed strong relationships in all tiers of the beverage business from wineries and distributors to large wine retail partners like Whole Foods. Brahm currently serves as beverage director for the Himmel Hospitality Group as well as owner of Liquid Assets Wine Consulting. In 2019 Brahm helped found Faucet Wine LLC, a diverse wine based Investment Business model that is involved in a range of different aspects of the wine business, ranging from Bulk Wine and Private Label production to long term Fine Wine investment.


Brahm is the CEO and founding partner of Greenlyte LLC a THC Drink brand as well. Brahm has been nominated for a James Beard award and was recently featured on the cover of The Wine Spectator and has also been featured in Wine Enthusiast, Forbes, Food & Wine, and Bon Appetite amongst numerous others.


Where are you working currently and how has being a MS supported you in your current role?

Being an MS has allowed me to form meaningful connections throughout the global beverage community. I am currently the CEO of Faucet LLC a Wine based Venture company.


Where were you working when you passed?

I was working at Grill 23 & Bar when I passed my exam.


What made you want to become an MS?

I wanted to be an MS because I believed it was a great way to measure my own abilities and growth.


What advice do you give those who are pursuing certification?

Best advice I ever got was to not fixate on the pin – work on the journey and the pin would take care of itself.


What is your desert island wine, or what wines/beverages are you currently excited about?

Chave 1991 Hermitage is the wine for me.