Chris is a New Englander, having grown up throughout upstate New York, Amherst, Boston and Cape Cod. He attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY graduating in 2000 and has worked in restaurants across the country including Denver, Phoenix, Santa Barbara and Seattle.


In Seattle he has worked at some of the city’s most iconic restaurants such as Canlis, RN74, Matt’s in the Market, The Herbfarm, and Aragona.


He has since filled roles as a portfolio manager for an importer and distributor where he managed relationships with over 300 producers. He also consults on beverage programs for new restaurants, assesses quality control for new wine brands, judges for the Decanter World Wine Awards and speaks at numerous wine events throughout the year. You can get in touch via his website.


In 2017 Chris started with GuildSomm as their Chief Instructor traveling all over North America teaching in-depth masterclasses on the world of wine. In 2022 he stepped into the Director of Education role. He also contributes to podcasts, videos and


Come June 2024 Chris is opening a wine shop & wine bar in the West Seattle neighborhood with his business partner Rose. Details to come!


Where are you working currently and how has being a MS supported you in your current role? 

I’m the Director of Education at and being an MS has laid the foundation for my work ethic, built many connections in the industry, and keeps me in tune with the sommelier community.

Where were you working when you passed?

I wasn’t! I took time off to focus on the exam and soak it all in when I achieved my goal.

What made you want to become an MS?

I wanted to see if I could do it.


What advice do you give those who are pursuing certification?

Just realize that any certification, as great an accomplishment as it may be, is a stop along the way and you need to continue to study to remain relevant.


What is your desert island wine, or what wines/beverages are you currently excited about? 

Chablis & Santa Maria al Monte all day!