Nick Davis is a Master Sommelier and founder of Medium Plus, an online retail business that offers elevated service to collectors and enthusiasts. His wine list features over 300 distinct grape varieties from regions large and small, reflecting a continued interest in exploring the intricacies of the beverage world.


A native of Seattle, Nick graduated with a music degree in jazz bass performance from the University of Washington, before starting his service career in bars and restaurants around the city. Ignited by his work at The Ruins, Canlis, RN74, and Bateau, he has developed a lifelong zeal for hospitality and great wines, and the pursuit of sharing those passions with others.


Since passing the Master Sommelier exam in 2019, Nick has continued to further his beverage education, and is active with the Court of Master Sommeliers and TEXSOM. In addition, he regularly hosts volunteer mentorship sessions for students in the trade. Nick enjoys pushing the boundaries of beverage education, in a quest to shed light on the deepest trenches of theory. He uses improvised study techniques with data optimization and real-world producer knowledge to challenge and inspire his students.

His personal hobbies include chess, songbird identification, and jaunts through the vineyards.


How has being a MS supported you in your current role?

At the time of passing the Master Sommelier exam, I was actively working in restaurants, as a bartender and server on the floor. My feeling is that an active role in serving guests is essential for those pursuing beverage education, thanks to a myriad of benefits such as problem solving, quick thinking, and practical applications of book studies.


Time behind the bar is especially valuable, and is a role sometimes overlooked for its contribution in mastering hospitality and service. I personally think of myself as a bartender first, and sommelier second. By channeling the jack-of-all-trades approach seen in great bartenders, amazing hospitality can be offered regardless of who the guest is, or what beverage they may be enjoying.