Randa Warren, MS, CWE, AIWS, CSS
Master Sommelier – Certified Wine Educator  – Diploma of Wine and Spirits (WSET)  – Certified Specialist of Spirits 


Ms. Warren has been involved in the wine business for over 25 years. She began home study WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust in England) wine courses through the International Wine Center in New York in 1998 and completed the final WSET Diploma program in 2001. During this period, Randa also embarked on a rigorous journey with the Court of Master Sommeliers, gaining her Advanced Sommelier title in 2000 on her first attempt in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the spring of 2001, Randa gained the distinguished title of Certified Wine Educator through the Society of Wine Educators in the United States. There are less than 150 people that have gained access to this prestigious title.

This was the beginning of an adventurous career path that would lead Randa to becoming the 16th female Master Sommelier in the world in the Spring of 2007. Currently, there are 273 Master Sommeliers worldwide, of whom 24 are women.

Ms. Warren currently assists the Court of Master Sommeliers in conducting Master Sommelier examinations around the country.


Randa conducts private seminars and classes for financial institutes, business organizations, country clubs, resorts, museums and private wine collectors around the country. She also conducts monthly wine classes for many local Tulsa residents and conducts international wine trips with Kobsey Travel in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

She has been a member of a historic wine organization in Burgundy, Le Tastevin du Bourgogne, for over 25 years and holds the position of Commandeur du Tastevin.


Where are you working currently and how has being a MS supported you in your current role?

I am self employed as a wine educator, author and speaker. The honor of being a MS led to my current role as listed.


Where were you working when you passed?

I was working in Tulsa, OK at the time of passing my MS exam at Polo Grill and as a private wine educator.


What made you want to become an MS?

My passion for the subject of wine made me want to learn as much as I could about all areas of this field and hence the journey of becoming a Master Somm. Becoming part of the family of the Court of Master Sommeliers is an achievement in its own and one that everyone passing the Intro exam forward should embrace and hold close to their heart.


What advice do you give those who are pursuing certification?

We all started as a small entity in this broad field of wine and relish in watching others grow and blossom into the various levels of Sommeliers.


What is your desert island wine, or what wines/beverages are you currently excited about?

I am currently enjoying the South African Bordeaux blends and their Malbecs. The quality of these wines has skyrocketed to levels I can hardly believe. But it’s true. I was recently there and witnessed so many delights from the Stellenbosch and Klein Karoo areas.