In 2012, Micu completed the program at the age of 28. Micu now leads the wine and beverage programming for World Equestrian Center’s seven restaurants. His breadth of knowledge surrounding wine in particular drives the ongoing acquisitions available through the award-winning wine program at Stirrups Restaurant, which was recognized in 2023 with a prestigious Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence.


Micu has also managed beverage programs for Michelin Star and Wine Spectator Grand Award restaurants.


Where are you working currently?

World Equestrian Center in Ocala, FL


Where were you working when you passed?

Consulting for a wine inventory database company in the SF Bay Area

What made you want to become an MS?

It was the next goal in front of me at the time

What advice do you give those who are pursuing certification?

Do not underestimate the psychological element to high pressure/high stress moments required to be successful in these exams.


What is your desert island wine, or what wines/beverages are you currently excited about?